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My works always involved the use of technology, in my early pencil drawings I used perspective and geometric technics, with the advancement in CGI I turned into digital art and the majority of my works including all the works in this website outside of this section and up until 2022 were all created using 3d & 2d software with various image and video editing tools.

The rapid advancements in Ai are changing the work process in visual creation and many other fields.

These are some of my Ai experiments in visual works, integrating tools in concept design and world building, from sci-fi & fantasy, character and worlds to architecture, fashion, photography, film & animation.

Since Ai allows for the creation of endless possibilities in a short time the majority of the work involved in this process is in the ideas, curation & fine tuning of the materials, finding the connections between the countless variations and building the desired concepts around the connections.

bioluminescents (1)_result.jpg

Usage of Ai in building the world of the bioluminescents, by taking some of my original 3d visual works and feeding the Ai with additional prompts about the world, using midjourney, stable diffusion and chatGPT.


Developing the world of The oceanics using Ai and inspired by previous artworks I have created of underwater beings covered with shells and algae living in an underwater world

hybrid-bugpeople (9)_result.jpg

A concept development of earlier works - The Insectoids are A Hybrid Race of humanoid insects created by the Ai overlords.

human2 (51).jpg

For centuries, humans have been fascinated by the concept of automatons, machines that can move and act on their own, as if imbued with a spark of life...

ai-capital (8)_result.jpg

Ai cities building themselves based on fractal algorithms were part of my writings back in 2014, a self generating city adjusting itself to the inhabitants and surroundings in balance with nature.

desert-dwelling (5)_result.jpg

The possibilities for the architecture industry, from initial design and concept, to renderings and production.

shells (5)_result.jpg

From the creation of a concept up to picking the model type, the mood of a photo shoot and finally creating a virtual photoshoot.

after-the-apocalypse (15)_result.jpg

A Case study of a virtual photo shoot entirely created with Ai, showing the possibilities of producing a simulated photo-shoot with intent on art direction of clothing, models, colors, atmosphere and environment of the shoot.


A colorful set of retro futuristic style racers in an imaginary racers district.

alice (11)_result.jpg

An Ai photo shoot of alice in dopeland

characters (33).jpg

A case study of using Ai as a tool for art direction in a virtual photo shoot, taking existing characters from various worlds I've created and applying them a more realistic appearance, possible uses - film art direction, casting, costume and makeup design, scene building reference either for real world or 3d. 

ai-dystopia (14)_result.jpg

Ai generating visions of an Ai Dystopia

microbial-fungus (12)_result.jpg

Ai visions of the micro world

surreal-photos (32)_result.jpg

Surreal landscapes photography with Ai

microbial-fungus (33)_result.jpg

Experiments with Ai animation, videos made with stable diffusion, midjourney and apps for additional motion and video editing, clips include original music I composed using cubase, logic and various synthesizers.

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