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Architecture & Ai

For many years I have been creating 3D architectural visualizations and films and thought about the idea of being able to automate the process, but all the time it seemed way too complex, with the emerging Ai possibilities it now seems possible to be able to produce renders in the push of a button right out of plans or even sketches given the right input, From the concept phase Ai can deliver countless variations based on particular styles, mood and lighting for renderings, it is possible to supply with a rough sketch either hand drawn or 3d and turn it into a realistic 3d visualization in seconds, in time Ai applications will probably be able to read plans and convert them into 3d models and renderings, there are already 3d applications which can convert these plans into renderings, and eventually to print a house based on the models or build it with robots, it would be possible to supply the given terrain required for planning, with a set of instructions on the desired construction, floors, purpose - residential/hotel/commercial/number of floors/etc. and adjustments of the design based on the natural surroundings environment including optimal design for energy efficiency, the designs could be in natural formations same as plants and trees with fibonacci sequence and match the terrain, the ai would serve as the architect planner, designer and contractor.

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