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The Oceanics

Developing the world and creatures of 'the oceanics' based on previous visuals I made over the years initially using 3Dsmax, Zbrush & Photoshop. the Ai developing using midjourney and stable diffusion feeding the initial 3d artworks and adding prompts, usage of ChatGPT for additional texts describing the oceanics world.

Original 3D Artworks i've created with 3Dsmax & Photoshop, as the basis for the oceanics world

Usage of ChatGPT to describe the oceanics world:


The Oceanics, a race of humanoid beings, have long made their home under the vast expanse of the world's oceans. Their society has thrived for centuries in the depths, where they have developed advanced technologies to harness the power of the ocean currents and bioluminescent creatures.

Their cities are a marvel to behold, with towering spires made of coral and luminescent algae, and sprawling networks of tunnels and domed structures that span for miles. The Oceanics have developed a unique culture, with art, music, and dance that reflect their deep connection to the sea.

But their way of life has recently come under threat, as rising temperatures and pollution have begun to affect the delicate balance of the ocean's ecosystems. The Oceanics have launched a desperate effort to protect their home, using their advanced technology to filter toxins from the water and restore damaged coral reefs.

Despite their efforts, the Oceanics fear that their society may not survive the growing threat of climate change. But they remain determined to fight for their home, and to preserve the unique beauty and diversity of the ocean for generations to come.

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