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The Bioluminescents

Experiments with Ai tools in building the bioluminescents world and characters, using midjourney and stable diffusion feeding the initial 3d artwork and adding prompts, using chatGPT to write texts describing the world and beings living in it - the luminescents.

Original 3D Artworks i've created with 3Dsmax & Photoshop, used for the Ai prompts and train

Usage of ChatGPT to describe the bioluminescents world:


write a story about bioluminescent people living in glowing mega mushroom cities

Once upon a time, there was a world where people glowed. Not just in the way we do from the sun, but in a way that radiated from within them. The people were called Luminescents, and they lived in a world of giant mushrooms that glowed brightly in the darkness. These glowing mushroom cities were known as "Gloamcities."

The Luminescents lived in harmony with the mushroom cities, and the two had evolved together over the years. The Gloamcities were massive, with towering stalks and broad caps that stretched out in all directions. They were so big that Luminescents had built homes inside them, nestled safely within the soft, fleshy walls of the mushroom's interior.

The Luminescents themselves were fascinating creatures. They had long, slender fingers and toes that glowed like embers, and their eyes sparkled with an otherworldly light. They could emit light from their skin, which they used for communication and to navigate the winding, twisting passages of the Gloamcities.

Each Gloamcity was unique, with its own colors, patterns, and rhythms. Some were gentle, pulsating softly like a heartbeat, while others were frenzied, flashing wildly in a dazzling display of light and color. The Luminescents had learned to read the Gloamcities' language, and they could interpret the pulses and patterns to understand the mushroom's moods and intentions.

Despite their symbiotic relationship, life in the Gloamcities was not always easy. The world outside was dark and dangerous, and there were creatures that lurked in the shadows, waiting to prey on unsuspecting Luminescents. The Gloamcities were the only safe haven, and the Luminescents had to be careful not to stray too far from their homes.

But despite the dangers, the Luminescents were happy. They had everything they needed in the Gloamcities - food, shelter, and a sense of community. They danced and sang in the mushroom's glowing halls, celebrating their unique existence and the beauty of the world around them.

And so, in this world of glowing mega mushroom cities and bioluminescent people, life was both strange and wonderful. It was a world of magic and mystery, where the darkness was illuminated by the gentle glow of the Gloamcities, and the Luminescents danced on forever, their lives a celebration of the beauty that surrounded them.


tell me more about the luminescents

The Luminescents are a fictional race of beings that emit light from their skin, giving them a unique and otherworldly appearance. They are often depicted as living in symbiosis with the giant glowing mushrooms of their world, known as "Gloamcities."

Aside from their glowing skin and ability to emit light, the Luminescents are often depicted as having slender fingers and toes and large, expressive eyes that sparkle with an inner light. They are typically portrayed as being highly intelligent and empathetic, able to communicate with the Gloamcities and interpret the pulses and patterns of their bioluminescent language.

In some depictions, the Luminescents are skilled in various forms of magic, using their light-emitting abilities to cast spells and manipulate the natural world around them. They are often shown as peaceful and nature-loving beings, living in harmony with the Gloamcities and the natural world around them.

Despite their peaceful nature, the Luminescents are often depicted as facing various challenges and dangers in their world. They may have to contend with creatures that lurk in the darkness, or face threats to the Gloamcities that they call home.

Overall, the Luminescents are a fascinating and imaginative creation, embodying a sense of wonder and magic in the worlds they inhabit. Their unique appearance and abilities make them a compelling subject for stories and artwork, and they continue to capture the imaginations of people around the world.


why are the luminescents glowing

In fictional depictions, the Luminescents are usually shown as bioluminescent beings, meaning they produce light naturally through a chemical reaction within their bodies. This bioluminescence is often attributed to a variety of factors, such as genetic mutations, unique biochemical processes, or a symbiotic relationship with the Gloamcities they inhabit.

In some stories, the Luminescents are depicted as having evolved in environments with very low light levels, and their bioluminescence is a way of adapting to their surroundings. This light emission can serve various purposes, such as attracting prey or mates, deterring predators, or communicating with others of their kind.

Alternatively, some stories portray the Luminescents as having developed their bioluminescence as a way of harnessing magical energies or manipulating the forces of nature. In these depictions, their light emission is often linked to their magical abilities or powers.

Overall, the reason why the Luminescents glow can vary depending on the specific story or setting in which they appear. However, their bioluminescence is a defining characteristic that sets them apart from other fictional races, and is an essential part of their unique and captivating appearance.


tell me more about Gloamcities

Gloamcities are fictional mega-cities composed of giant glowing mushrooms, often found in worlds inhabited by the Luminescents. These cities are a fascinating and imaginative creation that embody a sense of wonder and magic in the worlds they inhabit.

In most depictions, Gloamcities are characterized by their towering size and otherworldly appearance. The mushrooms that make up the city are often depicted as having a bioluminescent glow, giving the city an ethereal and mesmerizing quality. The individual mushrooms may vary in shape and size, ranging from small, delicate caps to massive, sprawling structures that can dwarf entire city blocks.

Despite their unusual appearance, Gloamcities are often depicted as highly functional, with intricate systems of roads, buildings, and infrastructure that are seamlessly integrated into the mushroom structures. The Luminescents are often shown as living in symbiosis with the Gloamcities, using their light-emitting abilities to communicate with the mushrooms and interpret their bioluminescent language.

In some stories, Gloamcities are depicted as ancient, mystical places with a rich history and a deep connection to the natural world. They may be home to powerful magic or hidden knowledge, and may serve as a refuge for the Luminescents in times of danger or turmoil.

Overall, Gloamcities are a fascinating and imaginative creation that capture the imagination with their otherworldly beauty and sense of magic. Their unique appearance and functional design make them a compelling subject for stories and artwork, and they continue to inspire wonder and awe in people around the world.

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