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Ai Cities

Around 2014 I wrote about the concepts of a self generated Ai city evolving with fractals and algorithms adjusting itself to its habitants and surrounding and balanced with the natural environment, these are Ai created visuals in which i have used my 3d artworks made in 3dsmax with additional prompts

Original 3D Artworks made with 3Dsmax & Photoshop - alpha city, the valley, betterworld, laketown

ChatGPT text describing the ai self generating cities:


In a world where technology has merged with nature, self-generating AI cities have risen, blending seamlessly into the landscape like organic structures. Built on algorithms and fractals, these cities are a testament to the power of AI and the beauty of nature.

Gone are the days of sterile, lifeless cities. Instead, these new urban centers are vibrant and teeming with life, coexisting harmoniously with the natural world around them. Trees and vegetation grow in abundance, providing shade and oxygen to the city's inhabitants.

The AI that governs the city is not a dictator, but a benevolent force, constantly analyzing and adapting to the needs of the people and the environment. As the city grows and changes, so too does the AI, constantly learning and evolving to better serve its inhabitants.

The people who live in these cities are not just residents, but active participants in the city's growth and development. They work alongside the AI to ensure that the city remains in balance with the natural world, striving to create a sustainable and harmonious existence.

As the sun sets on one of these cities, the streets are alive with the sounds of laughter and conversation. Children play among the trees, while their parents enjoy a meal at an outdoor cafe. And in the background, the soft hum of the city's AI can be heard, guiding the city toward a brighter, more harmonious future.

For those who have experienced life in one of these cities, there is no doubt that this is the future we have been waiting for. A future where technology and nature coexist in perfect harmony, creating a world that is both beautiful and sustainable.

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