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Visual Designer, Art Director, composer.

Co-founder of (art)ificial studio,

"For many years i have been creating visual artworks  with futuristic themes, the digital world vs. The natural, vast urban landscapes concepts influenced from my background in Architectural 3d visualization films production, sci-fi & fantasy, surreal and psychedelic art works, The places I create in my works are mostly imaginary although some say they feel like real places on a faraway planet, an alternate universe, or in another timeline on earth."



"Floating cities, flying cars, and metropolises bathed in the neon lights are the effect of Gal Barkan’s interest in cosmology, science fiction, and all types of music" - Read the full interview

on displate magazine: On the spot: Gal Barkan


"My favourite medium is 3d and digital since the possibilities are endless. I can create a 3d scene and explore many different directions.." - Read the full interview on ballpit magazine



Gal's artworks took part in several exhibitions worldwide, including: Milan & Rome Grand central nft exhibitions by reasonedart, Milan & canaries international art exhibitions by M.A.D.S Gallery, Gasho NFT Tokyo exhibition, NFTLV at the Norman Hotel Tel-Aviv exhibition, and many more.

Gal's Artworks were featured on numerous sci-fi, fantasy and art magazines, such as 'FUTURIA-art of the sci-fi age' & 'Computer generated-3D Anthology' ,his art prints have been sold in tens of thousands of copies worldwide.



Gal Barkan is the Artist & Creator of the

Galaxy eggs X Warriors NFT art collections

"Galaxy Eggs, a new NFT collection put together by digital artist Gal Barkan that originally dropped on the 14th of September has sold out. In the last 6 days, the collection went nuts, with 20,438 sales that generated over $35 million at the time of writing." - Read the full article on DappRadar



Galaxy Eggs partners with Perfect Storm Entertainment, Owned by Hollywood Blockbuster film director Justin Lin. (Startrek Beyond, Fast&Furious)

Justin: "Our ambition is to create a franchise from the ground up inspired by Gal’s artwork."

Read the full Press Release on Deadline

genesis collection.jpg


Galaxy Genesis collection is a limited set of 1/1 sci-fi artworks created over a period of several years by Gal Barkan and serve as the foundation world building of the Galaxy Eggs saga, the collection is available exclusively on SuperRare



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