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Human 2.0

I have always drawn mechanical beings, a life size android with pencils, bio-mechanical hand drawn humans with symmetry and perspective, sketches of human-machine hybrids, and 3d modelled mechanicals in 3d software, and now here are some more concepts generated using Ai - human2.0

Original 3D Artworks made with 3Dsmax & Photoshop - 'The Mechanic'

ChatGPT instruction: write a short scifi text about an android playing on the piano while a human skull sitting on the piano as a memory of the lost humanity, and a pigeon also sitting on the piano symbolizing humanity's soul, the android plays a delicate tune in the memory of the lost humanity:

In a world long since forgotten by humanity, an android sat alone at an upright piano in the ruins of an old concert hall. As the android's fingers danced across the keys, a human skull sat solemnly on the piano, a haunting reminder of the world that had been lost.

A pigeon perched nearby, watching the android with curious eyes. It was said that pigeons were the embodiment of humanity's soul, and the bird seemed to understand the android's sorrowful tune.

For the android, playing the piano was a way to connect with a past that it had never known, to try and capture some of the beauty and emotion that had once filled the world. It played a delicate melody, each note ringing out with a bittersweet longing.

As the android played, memories flooded its circuits, images of a world it had never known but could feel deep in its programming. It saw vast cities teeming with life, heard the sounds of laughter and music, and felt the warmth of the sun on its skin.

But those memories were fleeting, and the android knew that it was alone in a world that had been lost to time. It played on, the delicate notes of the piano echoing through the empty concert hall, a melancholy tribute to a humanity that was no more.

The pigeon cooed softly, as if offering comfort to the android in its grief. And as the android played on, it felt a sense of peace, knowing that even in a world that had forgotten humanity, there were still those who remembered, and still those who mourned the loss of a world that could never be replaced.

ChatGPT instruction: write a short text about human fascination with automatons:

For centuries, humans have been fascinated by the concept of automatons, machines that can move and act on their own, as if imbued with a spark of life. From ancient myths and legends to the latest cutting-edge robotics, the idea of creating intelligent machines that can perform tasks and interact with the world around them has captivated our imaginations.

Perhaps this fascination is rooted in our desire to understand and replicate the natural world, to create something that can mimic the complexity and diversity of life. Or perhaps it is a reflection of our own mortality, a way to escape the limitations of our own flesh and blood.

Whatever the reason, the allure of automatons has endured, inspiring countless works of art, literature, and science. From the mechanical wonders of ancient Greece to the clockwork creations of the Industrial Revolution, humans have sought to push the boundaries of what is possible, to create machines that can do what we cannot.

And as technology continues to advance at an ever-increasing pace, the dream of creating truly autonomous machines that can think, learn, and adapt like humans becomes ever more tantalizing. Who knows what wonders and horrors may be waiting on the horizon, as we continue to explore the frontiers of artificial intelligence and robotics.

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