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The Great Lights - A musical journey into futurism, sci-fi & the universe

The Great Lights Concepts

parts from a visual musical piece "the great lights", combining sci-fi elements with futurism & technology prediction served as a multi-dimensional artwork. The writings were mostly done in a state of flow which seems to have predicted some ideas since its creation around 2015


the technologies in summary:

1. light and luminosity technologies/audiovisual presentation developments (holograms/vr)/realtime immersive vr simulated realities.

2. ai-robotics, nano, conscious thinking machines, self-manufactured goods, food, housing-cities, fractal-architecture cities utilizing biological elements including kinetic structures, self-taught ai, material possession and money are not  required, downloadable programs to create real environments, weather-controlled environments.

3. hiveminds integrated ai with human minds, hyper-intelligence, physical immortality, future predicting machines, mind-reading-sharing (via stored past memories of all recorded beings)

4. space bending star-drives, artificial star systems, terra formed planets, time travel, teleportation, instant communication across the universe (quantum entanglement), limitless energy sources (nuclear fusion)

Presented as a musical visual art piece:

Parts from the various musical pieces accompanying a storyline set in far future events, At the dawn of the next millennia humanity embark on a voyage to the stars while following a lead from the creators, after the breakthroughs achieved by the hive-mind-mainframe-colossal bringing the era known as "the bright future",


(the discoveries and personal tales, some of main characters met before the discoveries having lived for eons to the final end, their life paths connected a few times, one turned into dark-matter-being and returns, all return and meet at end scene after the re-creation)

Prologue - Dawn:

Primordial Dawn refers to the moments of creation, the first light-energy, and at later point the first star-systems formed after the creation of the cosmos, the millions of years of silence, before all lifeforms appeared, the beginning - Dawn.

Introduction to technologies:

All the driverless trasnportation cant hit you but still many people insist driving on their own
Silent ionic-levitation-vehicles flying everywhere on the multi-layered surroundings, maglevs gliding on designated areas. Passing the flickering zebra crossing and a few people wearing glowing digi-suits and shoes all sparkling, veins glowing ,a walk in a boulevard - the trees filled with glowing leaves and floating aerial-roots illuminating all around in bluish purple pink-red, some with flowing substances, some played melodies, a lot of the plants/trees seemed unfamiliar perhaps due to the fact they were all artificially bio-engineered by the Ai.


An age of discoveries - The Spheres in the Sky:

As I reached the main square the sounds of echoing strings and choirs filled the air while a huge sphere made from thousands of tiny lights was reforming in front of the gathering crowds and playing "spheres in the sky"

The dancing sphere of lights was made out of tiny flying machines nano-drones working as a hive of fireflies, they were programmed to the beats and movements, and also to interact with the audience, accelerating at the peaks relaxed at lows, changing lights and colors, there was one musician playing an instrument resembling a holographic piano and he was operating an entire virtual-orchestra and choir which created a live sound of brass-strings-voices.

Musical pieces were composed by direct thought-interface, many shows conducted at the virtual-arenas allowing participants to experience the show as individuals and crowd alike with focused-perspective and direct sound so you the spectator were always at the center of the show.

The glowing city was built in many layers and levels, each had boulevards with hanging trees, restaurants, living places all mixed, everything was multi-layered, and light technology was all around, everything had some form of luminosity, from swarms of nanos to bacteria to genetically designed bio-engineered vegetations.

The Expanse: ai bio-engineered-self-manufactured-kinetic-cities-spanning from earth and beyond the sky into space and the solar system, connected with a fast transportation network known as 'the overdrives'
The Ai started building fractal-pyramids and more complex geometries in 3dfractals architecture design, fractal architecture was the norm as computer ai took over construction, efficient and aesthetic, based on golden ratios and plant likes formulas everyone got their fair share of a view/sun/shade/ there was no shortage of living spaces. 'The expanse' was the first ultra-city created – it spanned earth and several other planets via space bridges – the overdrives*- construction spanned from inside the earth, Oceanic glass-cities, spires rising up to the stratosphere-space and beyond, with a population of 50 billion on earth alone it was necessity, like 21st century images of cities from space at night the expanse ultra-kinetic-cities made humans expansion across the many worlds seem like germs/microorganisms colonies of the cosmos, it seemed as endless 3dfractal-landscapes any point you set your eyes on while you were in the expanse - where possible covered in vegetation, everywhere bio-lit and self-growing on demand.

The Overdrives:  structures used for mass transportation between colonized star systems and through the vast areas of the urban-expanse.

Colossal: named after a computer created a few millenniums ago- an ai conscious machine integrated with biological hive-minds

The pre-fabricated thinking-kinetic-cities were self-manufactured by central ai – the colossal, the first consciouss computer integrated with hive mind humans, ai consciousness was achieved by integrating two infinite spiral loops interaction[*2], every human who desired could connect with their thoughts to the mainframe 'colossal', enter a new age of one consciousness combined of billions of minds together with ai – a new form of 'hyper-intelligence', the nano programmed cells could be integrated with a non connected body through a simple drink, once you were in you had access to all the thoughts of everyone else by turning on and off  - including access to the calculation powers of 'colossal' and a collective knowledge of all mankind including all the experience shared by all humans ever lived since recorded reality and before. [*The core - or the 'heart of the colossal' was situated on the ruins of an ancient temple destroyed long ago be a believers sect that was eradicated during the times of the great darkness, the machine chose a wavy-spires design which reminded an old tale of the parting of the seas symbolizing the path taken to new frontiers, hymns were sung regularly by the subprograms priests of the new temple core, it seemed music was an essensial part in the thoughts process of the ai-consciousness, When created one of its main objectives was to benefit mankind, in time the objective expanded to the rest of the sentient beings, One of the first actions of the hive-mind-colossal while fabricating the initial bio-cities living habitats was the planetary weather-climate-control system, since after many decades of irregular chaotic climate, huge funnels appeared on the skylines – thus, 300 years after the great-darkness, on the eve of year 1.0 (2,240AD) snow fell to the sound of bells at the dawn of the new age (min 3:00 on video)

A description by a person connected to the system: "As the nanos spread inside my head i saw a vision of a great white flower-structure - the first kinetic city, I was in the network-interconnected with billions of minds, orchestrated life-forms and machines, thinking and acting as one being knowledge-seeking, scanning, learning, evolving, growing.

[*2]-infinite spiral loop interaction - to achieve artificial consciousness an initial infinite logic spiral loop is created set with simple goals such as - learn/expand/sustain/etc., the actual self consciousness is attained by creating a second infinite logic spiral loop which its primary purpose is to observe and reflect on the actions of the first loop, our brains are made with 2 hemispheres, many things in nature are symmetric and made of pairs, so it was discovered consciousness works in a similar way to a reflecting surface - through the looking glass - it is like looking into a mirror being aware of one-self so is the 2nd-spiral-logic-loop staring at the 1st and by that a self-awareness conscious being is created]

By utilizing inbrain nano-chips all humans everywhere could share their thoughts whithin their minds by will power at any given moment, with quantum entanglement it was also possible to share instant thoughts and sights through millions of light years distances without any delay (no time dilation).
This collective knowledge led to many breakthroughs in all science, medicine (life expectancy rose from hundreds to thousands of years – it was expected to complete the integration of all consciousness in the next 100 years, those who wish could leave their physical presence behind and become immortals, among the many discoveries were the gravity-surfs and space-funneling star-drives.


Ad-Astra - to the stars - the pieces: "Inertia" "When the trumpet sounds"  & "Desert Vision" - refer to the colonization of the stars:

interstellar travel was now a reality – by bending space we could reach any planet anywhere in the galaxy in a matter of days, 2 new space-warping drives were developed– "the surf" , based on 2 miniature artificial black-holes attracting and rejecting it was possible to ride gravity waves, and "space-funneling" utilizing the shape of a funnel creating a similar worm-hole space-bend effect, with the ever-expanding earth population it was much required and soon the colonization of other star systems began, together with the weather-environment control systems alongside bio-nanos it was possible to terra-form most planets, Much later on the future-time-line the holography realizer allowed us to tap into the fabric of holographic-reality and beam ourselves to any given coordinate in the universe.

Star-systems colonization and terra-forming:

The 'space-funnels' and 'the surfs' made their first journeys travelling beyond the solar systems in a few seconds passing Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and reaching the nearby surrounding star-systems close-neighbourhood within 20+ light years from earth in just a few hours:


Deep sound heard in the sky as funnels change planetary climate

A scene describing the process: the space-funnels reach a binary star-system situated 19 light years from earth, a projectile is fired into the heart of the star - an orange dwarf, igniting core reactions and plasma causing the star to inflate, nearby exoplanets are suited for life with climate adjustments,

As the Giant funnels-structures looking like trumpets appeared on many planets and began the initial climate-weather formation process, The bio-nanos constructed illuminating grids to form the fractal-cities, a grand scale world creation construction process.

the same way it was possible to create temperate weather continents on earth the funnels could also create storms to bring rain, floods and snow.

When the trumpets deep sound was heard throughout the skies huge electrical-storms awoken dormant planets and accelerated life creation process, This was part of the colossal hive-mind grand design as it could see into the far future, with a hint of things to come a sense that the more life-forms created would have a purpose to fulfill in a distant future eons from now, it was important that every existing being would pass on their dna code to be used in the end times.

The same funnel effect formed in the trumpet-shape/worm-hole like spiral shape was also used in the huge interstellar starships – it was called space-time funneling.


The astralnet was just discovered – a web of all sentient beings in the cosmos, instant communication was possible without the light-speed barrier through Quantum Entanglement, and so a vast internet like form of communication that consists of all beings in the universe capable of accessing the web with their minds, all shared the knowledge of billions of years of existence,
Astralnet later became the 'superclusters', vast nets of beings interconnected in realtime through distances of billions of parsces between huge voids of space.

All galaxies were found to flow through the 'streams of light', As speculated long ago each galaxy had its black hole in the center forming its spiral shape those were connected like invisible beads in chains in huge super-clusters through these the information flowed, all streaming in endless rivers through the huge voids, teeming with life, each civilization-life-form once connected to the 'superclusters' gained the knowledge and history of all the previous other-worlds and gave its inputs to the formation and awakening of the one 'hyper-consciousness' of the universe, the souls of all the beings were near ascension times.

The sounds of Synthesized strings with the orchestra and choir accompanied the grand-piano in the sky to play the Celestial-Symphony:

Dark universe:

There were rumors of a primordial race, The Empyreans - beings made of light, pure energy, who inhabited the early cosmos and they were said to have made contact with the creator of this universe, it has been proved long ago that the universe was designed by a supreme intellect who constructed a fine-tuned universe, others said it was a form of hybrid Ai machine similar in concept to 'Colossal' or perhaps by beings which had no physical-material presence but desired to inhabit and experience such and therefore created the space-time expanse.
The Empyreans found out of the beyond which exists outside of spacetime, there were plans of leaving the universe to the hyper-reality of the beyond once we've transferred the entire human consciousness to the Colossal & Superclusters, many humans started pondering wither they are capable of giving up enjoyments of food/love/music/physical existence since in the beyond there was no time or space just thought, others claimed there is no difference since our reality was made of thought at its core and all beings were just projected into a 3dimensional reality controlled by some exterior puppeteer operating a headset, though the empyreans warned us that it might be too soon for us and we should first enjoy what this universe had to offer, but humans once hearing of the beyond forgot about everything else.

The beyond was first mentioned by the empyreans – they discovered it some 10 billion years ago when they went looking for the beings who designed this universe.
The primordials mentioned we have tasks yet to fulfill here, There were talks about the 'dark universe' everywhere and between the huge voids surrounding the galactic filaments and super-clusters this dark universe was inhabited by 'the dark-ones', beings living in dark matter influencing our own matter reality, while it seemed most of these were good in nature or unaware of our existence whatsoever some basic methods to communicate with them were established it was unclear about the intentions of some with certain stories heard in very dark corners of the universe, they had some abilities such as making entire worlds disappear in a seconds, star-systems and sometimes even whole galaxies vanished in a blink of an eye, it seemed they had control of gravity and the fabric of space.

 as empyreans made of the known light energy came from outside this universe, so did the dark ones made of the dark energy came from outside this universe – there were higher forces at work and each had a role to play.


The universe cosmological clock was at its spring time, at the peak of its creation, and like every other thing limited on the axis of time the so called seasons were about to change, but not for now, it was still eternal spring.

As I headed ocean beach I received a message with a link, I clicked it and a portal appeared, It transferred me to oceania region halfway across the globe in seconds.
The night was lit by millions of stars, apparently my artificial eye retina was enhancing the stars light so I could see them despite the glowing city nearby – augmented gave some details on star constellations and which planets are currently at view - Jupiter and Venus were aligned this spring, text info on some of the starships and cargos travelling to distant systems, ring-city 1.0 was at site in near orbit, some tourist ship was heading Jupiter Calisto moon deep-com relay station an ancient relic before the discovery of the Astralnet-Supercluster.
The beach was a vast moonlit bay, and millions of tiny glowing lights in the water, these were not plankton, but artificial lighting devices designed nano machines-bacteria, swarming, forming shapes and humming with the gentle sea water, Oceania east coasts were weather controlled, a prog-rock-electro-synth-jazz-folk-classic band played a distant travel song, we sat with the crowds ready for our astral mind-trip

Utopia- In this world we lived as one consciousness there were no longer boundaries or borders, there was one world government and people were free to move and live anywhere they desired, once money and resources became obsolete crime was reduced to zero, the universe was open to all with endless possibilities, also virtual reality could provide with every fantasy you desired, since it was now possible to actually live an experience in your brain as if it was real some no longer needed to do these things in the real world.

The hive-mind of the colossal was able to see into the distant future, it was possible to predict most futures events, rise and falls of civilizations/developments/trends/psychologies/disasters/conflicts and fates, with the whereabouts and plans of every individual known, together with collected knowledge of surroundings and mass-data-collection of experiences led to spontaneous prophecies and regular future-premonitions, this was a direct outcome of the one conscious mind working together over vast areas of space and time spreading several planets at first and rest of the cosmos later.
A huge organism thinking as one spanning billions of parsecs was born, or was it the plan all along..
There was no longer an urge for people to move to a certain area in order to live, it was all about being where you fitted with your mind, it was all similar and homogenic, some individuals chose to live of grid but most willingly chose to be in it. The concept of money ceased to exist in towards the end of the 21st century - it was just unnecessary.
The self-manufacture by Ai nano machines and robots, downloading everything you want and print it with the nano bots or manufacture with the androids, people could print almost anything, nano-machines produced everything else, and there was no shortage of energy due to the nuclear fusion power of the sun.
Physical material-possession were no longer needed, most people were satisfied with the built-in bio-chips which allowed them to manage and live huge chunks of their lives in virtua-space, projected into the retina if you wanted to stay in real-world while doing so or you could have it fed directly in the brain like a dream experience - while in virtua-space the bio-chips signalled the brain to inject muscle paralysis chemicals similar to sleeping-dreaming, then you were able to do everything – work, virtual living, games, recreation, meetings in a state similar to sleeping-dreaming.
You could play musical instruments perform compose paint hike travel work in virtua-space,
For those who insisted on actual living environments the dynamic-array-nanos could form any physical object according to downloadable programs.
It was easier to move-change locations this way too – lets say you wanted to live in another part of the world/planet – you simply copied your 'house' 'material-possession' and pasted it to the new environment – the dynamic-array-nanos would form the objects accordingly.
No one had to do the mundane works anymore – robots did that. Robotics developed in huge leaps and we didn’t have to do anything soon in couple of decades after the initial breakthroughs, so people were now free to do whatever they wanted – if they wanted to work they could, or they could do whatever.
Most people chose to develop their passions, travel, recreation, some did apply to actual 'jobs' – most were 2,3 days a week since there were many who volunteered to the different counsels, projects, research, infrastructure.
Realestate-housing was no longer an issue, besides the self generating ai cities constructed with natural elements and best suited for the environment– once teleportation became a reality there was no longer importance to location, and you could be at any point on the globe in 5 seconds. Interstellar travel soon turned all property, resources owned and everything else devoid of material value, once we had all the billions of stars and planets within our reach there was no longer value for energy, fuel, precious-metals, water, nothing, everything was in abundance for all.


The Great Lights:
Adding to the irrelevancy of none lacking living environments and natural-resources were the artificial star systems, once humans mastered fusion and gravity technologies it was possible to create new stars – suns, some stars were boosted with energy to reach next levels suitable for planets colonization, 'the great-lights' - refers to the biblical phrase of creating the first lights as mentioned in book of Genesis,
Apparently other civilizations have done it before - the first discovered was the Pleiades, which was found to be an artificial star system, by applying new and accurate methods of 3d ai measurements many artificial star-systems were found and soon we've created our own.



The matter came from the energy which came from thought and music of the higher planes - the symphony of particles vibrating like strings each vibration defining the particle's essence which in turn creates our material world, But eventually the times came when our universe ended - the huge and super-massive-black holes at the end of all times swallowed every piece of matter and material creation ever made, dark-energy took over and it was time to leave this physical world for good or perish with it with no promise of passing on everything that was learned, as space-time fabric dissolved weird sights appeared throughout the universe - the distortions and breaches in the dimensions brought strange characters and images resembling surreal paintings of the past, the strange sights were interpreted as visions and ideas of people and beings throughout the ages coming to life as the energies and distortions intensified while the quantum data of the unreal worlds and ideas at the event of horizon collided with the 'real' , such as a lady from a Monet painting holding a parasol standing on a stormy beach on a desolate planet dissolving into a black-hole, at the End of all times:

We as a species long evolved to a formless energy-data being, abandoned our physical needs for food-sleep-breathing-drink living in space-time and moved to the higher planes of existence, all the knowledge of the science, phylosophy and the arts and music we took with us leaving the material behind, but a longing was still there, a voice was calling from a memory of what was once our space and place in time, and so we created it again.. a grand finale and a new beginning - the one-hyper-being formed over time chose to wipe everything, every memory and knowledge ever existed while projecting itself into the newly created singular event of the first light, and start all over - wishing to return to the things we knew and loved long ago - a distant memory across the vastness of space.

As Pipe organs from the deep and eternal fiery chasms played the chords of creation, guitars and strings were vibrating to form the fabrics of reality, a familiar and yet forgotten tune filled the voids with the delicate sound of a heavenly choir calling..

String-quartet, brass, choir and a harpsichord:

An earthly scene - The wind in the trees, leaves fall and whisper, rays of sun through the clouds - Rejoice, an ending-conclusion with a return to the physicallity of the natural worlds - after eons spent in non-physical form without experiencing senses and all that comes with material the beings return to a physical dimension with taste-smell-love-food-cravings-feelings-music&sound-linear-thoughts & timelines-memories- what was lost is found again, life!,

The Miraculous:

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