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The case for the metaverse

The internet today is quite ok, everyone is posting images, videos, articles, connecting in social apps.

But it can’t last in its current state, it is in fact quite a boring interface where we're all staring at screens all day.

Social networks such as facebook, Instagram, youtube, tiktok in they way they are currently operating are a thing of the past.

Watching images, videos, games and posting online will have to evolve into something more immersive.

The idea of the Metaverse is not new and connected with previous Virtual Reality and even online gaming, although the recent hype diminished I believe that this is still a vital step in the evolution of the internet and connectivity, we can not continue in this image, text, videos format it is simply not interesting enough.

I believe that once the right technologies will emerge it would be possible to restate this vision of a metaverse, it would require – realistic realtime graphics in the levels currently not available – even the current best 3d games are just ok they are still not as realistic as a CGI scene in a top Hollywood film, so – realtime 3d graphics, or perhaps a graphics solution through Ai which would generate realistic interactive videos that would operate as a substitute for a 3d experience.

It would also require connectivity between the many different platforms, today when you click a link from one website to another you go seamlessly between the web – surfing, a similar experience should be available in such a metaverse where you could easily move between a virtual world created by Meta and another created by Microsoft and another created by every other individual, currently it is not possible to bridge the many different worlds because every company or person build virtual worlds in different software and there is no actual connectivity, I believe in this case that ai technologies could bridge the gap between the different systems, perhaps it is required to create an agreed protocol, same as when the internet exploded with html, to create a protocol for a metaverse that would work on all platforms.

Another issue besides the hyper realistic visuals required is the UI, the user interface is still not there, most people would not be interested in wearing VR helmets for hours and not even light weighted glasses, again there are technologies being researched which can lead to the solution for a viable metaverse such as transmitting the data straight to the brain perhaps with a lighter wearable or even the likes of neuralink which could connect us directly to an interface without the need for a clumsy heavy interface.

When these obstacles are solved: hyper realistic graphics, proper convenient interface, a protocol which works with all platforms, then I believe the vision of the metaverse could occur.

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