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Art Explorations

360 and VR as platforms for art&music expression, music&art experienced in 360 and vr

Rhythmic spirals - in this piece I had concepts of holographic 2d life-forms made of light manifest as material particles in a 3dimensional spacetime existence

use your mouse, tilt tablet/phone or VR headset to view

In caverns - explore 3dfractals the mandelbulbs in 360+vr


music, art & math experienced in 360 and virtual realities

exploring 3d fractals in 360 and vr
Mandelbulbs, discovered in 2009 are 3d projections of the 2d mandelbrot set of fractals studied in early 20th century
some theories suggest our reality may be 3d projections of 2d equations-worlds, the 2d fractals projected into the 3d mandelbulbs can reveal and show how higher complexities arise and evolve between the different spacial dimensions, further developments in vr and realtime renderings will allow to study and experience complex spacial structures in close detail.

original soundtrack: ascensions 

3D Sculpting

3D sculpting in Zbrush of Marine transporation vehicles

3D Sculpting

3D sculpting in Zbrush of king tut

3DS max & Photoshop work process videos

video captures of my work process in 3DSMAX & Photoshop

Drawing a golden ratio nautilus  

Golden ratio nautilus drawing using iPad pro with procreate & apple pencil

Sound Applications

UI&Programing of experimental sound applications, exeperiments done in Cycling74 - Interactive sound applications with my original UI designs, the programming I created based on several web tutorials with a few additions and alterations of my own:

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